Light air parade. Rosser Bodycomb

November 3, 2012 – Another sunny day here at Fort Worth Boat Club on Eagle MountainLake and we have a regatta.  The Sailing Instructions outlined a minimum of two races to call it official and with seven now on the books, the racers may discard their worst finish in the final score tally unless they misbehave and earn a DSQ that can’t be thrown out.

Yesterday’s leaders, the Quantum/Gulf Coast Composite team of Terry Flynn (FWBC) and David Whelan (LYC) sailing with Jake Scott and Matt Romberg had a brilliant day on Friday but found themselves in second (pending protests) when Brian Keane, Steve Hunt, Mike Wolfs and Ben Powers on Savasana came back strong today.   Glenn Darden and Reese Hillard, with Max Skelley and Karl Anderson climbed back up in the standings with two top ten finishes and the help of that throw-out.

New to the J/80 fleet, having completed his boat set up only this week, FWBC’s Kyle Meyer on Katana posted a second place finish in the last race yesterday and was flying high last night with teammates Mark W. Smith, Bernie Nauta and Dakota Elsholtz.  He reported this morning, “I’ve heard about Hub’s Alley since I came to the Boat Club and yesterday, I think we found it!”  He was referring to the late Commodore Doctor Hub Isaacks, a legend around the Club, particularly with those who learned from him as junior sailors.  Kyle’s finishes today were not nearly as gratifying, but the memory of that magic will endure for some time to come for him.Race committee took the racers out at the scheduled time this morning, anticipating that the wind would come in around 1100.  Check-ins were completed and the lake remained flat, so AP over H was signaled and the racers were able to have lunch on the lawn in the shade.  At 1230 everyone gathered up their toys and went back out with a north breeze that had been reported at Wichita Falls an hour earlier finally making it this far down. The velocity never matched that of yesterday and course headings and leg lengths were tweaked for two very light air races which started an hour later.  By 1600, they’d had enough and while the race committee had hoped to run one additional short race, what little breeze there was disappeared and the racers were sent in for the day.  Preliminary results are posted at

As I look around the Club and check out boats on the water, I think a reunion of Past Commodores could be convened after the J/80 Class Meeting tonight.  Five from FWBC alone are involved in this regatta; three are racing (on different boats), one is working race committee and another is largely responsible for securing the event and then working with J/80 class officers and the OAs of J/Fest, Harvest Moon and Ol’ Man of the Sea on calendar dates to provide quality racing events leading up to this championship.  I know there are others from different yacht clubs on the race course, spectator boats and also the panel of judges, so sometimes they don’t just “ride off into the sunset,” but remain engaged in our sport in a meaningful way.

Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow, so everyone gets that extra hour of sleep.  Racing is scheduled to resume at 1000 Sunday with no starting signal after 1300, but cooler temperatures are predicted and possible thunderstorms may dictate the day’s activities.

Karen Smith, Press Officer

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